E se

E se… the staircase of the Palazzo become a real stage? The performers, under the guidance of Anna Vigeland and Serena Gatti, dance in a seamless flow, to the call of a saxophone player on top of the tower behind them. Intersections, collisions of lives, an unusual scenario. And that’s the beauty of contemporary theater.
The show E se… is a constantly evolving experimental dance posing as objective the study of gesture, where music is a fundamental extension to search for expression and a means of dialogue between the inner worlds and surrounding realities… The line between audience and artists, in fact, does not exist.”

direction Serena Gatti Anna Vigeland
with Federico Brocani, Irina Kondrashova, Nicola Lampa (saxophone), Alessia Lovreglio, Livia Marques, Maria Theodosiou, Edward Karrow Wilson
devised for InTeatro, Polverigi, Italy

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